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Oddanchatram – More than a Town

Oddanchatram, located at the tail end of the Palani hills, is a place of happening. Set in the wonderful background of Western Ghats, Oddanchatram, with an excellent scenic view, is indeed a feast to the eyes of nature lovers. Oddanchatram, a town thickly populated, with around 57 revenue villages, serves as the hub for trade and commerce in Tamil Nadu.

With a total area of 13.05 sq. km and a population of approximately 85, 498, the town of Oddanchatram, is the center of attraction, for important exchange centers. It’s not just this, Oddanchatram, with abundant transportation facility, has now turned into heart of major businesses. In short, Oddanchatram with outstanding landscape with enhanced technologies and businesses, is exactly ‘The Place Anybody will be Proud to Call it Theirs.’

Oddanchatram Vegetable Market

Oddanchatram, facilitated by the awesome weather conditions, has turned to be one of the largest areas of vegetation. With copious amount of vegetables being harvested, Oddanchatram vegetable market, with an excellent market value, occupies the red page in the diaries of vegetables and agro industries. Oddanchatram market has stood out as the second largest market in Tamil Nadu. Almost every vegetable harvested in India is available at the most economical rate in this market. People from the nearby villages and towns, rely on this market for vegetables and flowers. Thousands of people drop in at various agencies to buy the fresh vegetables that are procured right from the farmers. – Your Portal is one of the few price portals, with regular updates on vegetable agencies, price of the commodities, market news and images. Starting from the day to changes in the price rates of vegetables to the news related to the demand for vegetables, you can find the updates in this website. We, not only update the price list, but also update you with images of each and every corner of the entire Oddanchatram town. Apart from the price list and images of the town, we strive very hard and keep you updated with every detail or news about the market.

We, with our regular updates, have made our marks in the heart of thousands of people. And we are not stopping with this! We are here, to update you everything you would like to know. Just stay with us and get to know all the happenings in and around Oddanchatram market.

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